Sheeple continued

I know that lots of people believe fanciful things. For instance according to one poll a quarter of people think alien life has visited the Earth. By this I presume the 25% believe sentient life like the little green men of Mars has paid us a call. To me this mostly is explained by the typical person’s failure to understand how long it takes for travel to occur from point to point in space. Even if light speed can be reached, at present a dubious proposition, by humans it would take 120,000 years to cross from one end of the Milky Way Galaxy to the other. (and two and a half million to reach our nearest galactic neighbor Andromeda) If humans, or some other life form could attain a thousand year lifespan they would have to achieve some sort of suspended animation lasting 120,000 years in order to regain consciousness after a trip to the other side of the galaxy.

Recent observations have left us with the tantalizing possibility that there are 40 billion “Earth like” planets in a goldilocks zone orbiting their stars within the Milky Way. Life is almost certain to have formed on many of these bodies but reaching human-like sentience is probably exceedingly uncommon. It took four billion years for humans to evolve on Earth. Of course, if similar technical societies got started four billion years after the start of our ten billion year old galaxy they would have had six billion years to develop light speed travel before humans started hafting stone axes. They may exist and may have spread but simply not bothered to visit our fair planet with 40 billion others to check out.

But if they were zipping around through space they must certainly have invented their own communications systems like ours. If they’d done this a mere 120,000 years ago their electro magnetic signals traveling at light speed would have easily filled up the Milky Way by now leaving us with lots of hard to decipher signals. We’ve been listening for them from our outpost on Mt. Arecibo in Puerto Rico since the days of President Kennedy. Fifty years and nada.

So why do a quarter of people think that intelligent life has visited Earth with so little regard to the evidence? I guess because its just so compelling an idea. In my view that’s what drives much of the Kennedy conspiracy.

Dr. Kohls should be pleased that the sheeple he dismisses are a minority. His side has won the argument, at least until the current believers die off and are replaced by new generations less invested in suspecting Rich Texas oil men, the CIA or J. Edgar Hoover with the conspiracy.

The most remarkable aspect of the murder to me was the coincidence that a man who tried to assassinate one right wing general happened to work at the Texas Bookstore Depository for a few months before the President’s motorcade drove by it. That was just dumb bad luck. Ditto the hero hungry Jack Ruby with all his mafia ties being a regular visitor to the Dallas Police Headquarters. I’d almost be more inclined to believe in the little Green Men of Mars than those coincidences.

Then again coincidence is a fact of life. Although my chances of winning a multi-million dollar lottery are infinitesimal a few of the sheeple who “invest” in the tickets each year manage to win big. Dumb luck exists and statistics proves it. Lee Harvey Oswald won the lottery and so did Jack Ruby. The rest of us were stuck with sad results and fifty years worth of paranoid theories explaining away the nasty little lottery winners away.

Who are some of the suspects according to the conspiratorialists?

Republican, Earl Warren, who overturned Plessy v. Fergusson and integrated public schools with a unanimous Supreme Court vote.

Lyndon Johnson, who sucked up JFK’s vibrations to pass the Civil Right’s legislation that his rich, racist, oil millionaire backers hated.

The Kennedy Family

Me and a lot of nobodies like me who have been reading history books voraciously for fifty years. And also the many JFK loving Pulitzer Prize winning historians who have been writing those histories like Doris Kearns Goodwin, Robert Caro, and Robert Dallek.

Virtually all of the newsmen who were at the Parkland Hospital and or in Dallas on the Day of JFK’s murder.

Virtually all of the police and Secret Service Agents and FBI agents who were in Dallas the day Kennedy was murdered.

Dr. Kohls’ retort would be that all of these people have been afraid to tell the truth because they would have lost their jobs because of the secret society that runs the world. I could say a lot of damning things here but I’ll just conclude by saying, Tosh!

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