Gangrene Pt 3 – “Behind every great fortune…

…there is a great crime.” French saying derived apparently from Honore de Balzac

As time has gone on it has become increasingly silly to think JCI would earn so little from the grandiose Red Plan. Furthermore even though they have been largely ignored the few Let Duluth Vote representatives on the Duluth School Board have been able to keep track of the data that ISD 709 has to make public and report to the state of Minnesota. Among these are the payments to Johnson Controls for work on the Red Plan.

To that end Duluth can be grateful that the current sole survivor of Let Duluth Vote is the sometimes quarrelsome Art Johnston. It is no wonder that Art is irritable. Like other Red Plan critics he has been starved for public data but has managed to put it together long after the Red Plan facts have dribbled out.

It is particularly valuable because like Robert Aho before him Art has been a contract administrator for the Federal Government. Art explains that any deviation of the Federal contracts he administers would have gotten him fired. So when the Red Plan offered Johnson Controls between 14% and 18% percent in earnings of the project he kept an eye on how those soft costs accumulated. This pdf shows that JCI did much better than 14% or 18%. Their softcost earnings have been 27% of the entire project costs to date. That means that JCI earned nearly one/third of the total costs expended on the Red Plan.

On this page of my campaign website you get a little further explanation and a link to this pdf of Art’s analysis.

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