Three last minute SB filings

The Duluth School Board race just got more interesting yesterday in the last day of filings.

All the races are contested. My old 2nd District seat pits incumbent Judy Seliga-Punyko against the Red Plan critic, Loren Martell, that her board had handcuffed when he had the temerity to quote Chairman Tim Grover’s campaign rhetoric. My God! Who can blame Tim? I’d have anyone who quoted my blog back to me at a public meeting put in cuffs to! Oh wait…….No, I don’t think I would.

Meanwhile in the 3rd District Race which sees the handcuffer, Grover, retiring former Denfeld principal and apparent Red Plan enthusiast, Bill Westholm, has filed. He will be challenged by Jon Donahue a candidate from the epicenter of the District’s mass student exodus, Piedmont Heights. Mr. Donahue still has three children in the Duluth Schools despite the Exodus. A self described “whistle-blower” he works with the nonprofit PAC community television.

Finally the At-large seat being abandoned by Gary Glass has three contenders. They include Mike Miernicki, a former Duluth East Activities Director; Ryan Stauber a former candidate for the legislature, son of City Councilor Jim Stauber and a school mate of my son; and lastly Doug Frisk who I was about to feature in one of my Thugs for Better Schools posts. I hadn’t planned to name him but seeing as how he has decided to file for the School Board I see little point in keeping his activities or previous threats against me anonymous.

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