Cockroaches Pt 2 – “Crowded Lasses” and Clay Feet

I’ve mentioned that after the forum at Meyers Wilkins Elementary I rushed home to write an ad which would address a scandal which I’m still waiting to have unleashed against me. I think the cockroaches may have scurried back under their rocks since I first addressed it but I don’t know that for sure. I waited up to see if the Television station in question was going to make an issue of my “honesty is the best polity” slogan before beginning to write. They didn’t.

That gave me 90 minutes to write my ad. For those who have read my intermnible blog posts you already know I’m not a big fan of sound bites. My ad wasn’t going to be a bite. Rather it would take a bite out of the cockroaches. Protein is good for a politician.

I won’t include it here in the blog quite yet. Its in the Reader but since its an ad and not a column I’m not sure you can find it on their website. I’d like to encourage folks to go to their nearest Reader stand and open it up to page 43 where my ad rests. The ad is written like one of my columns. Its titled, “This Candidate’s Clay Feet.”

I got it in just before the Midnight deadline. That’s pretty fast writing for anyone and in my case I always worry whether what made so much sense the night before will hold up well in the morning light. I just picked up my Reader and checked it out. I think I got my point across pretty well. I did, however, note one letter missing. I began one sentence, “Judging by the crowded lasses in Duluth….” I’m hoping that Readers will figure out I’m referring to classrooms not women.

I may have dropped the c when I went back to add the first d to the word “crowded.” That’s because I had first mistyped the word as “crowed.” English teachers feel free to crow about this editing mistake of mine. But don’t forget what I wrote just before this mistake: “Redemption comes easy to our best teachers.”

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