It was just a mistake

Sarah Horner emailed me back after getting my link to the Grant/Nettleton/Congdon snafu. JCI told her that it was just a mistake and that they’d corrected it. I theorized that it was because they’d been monitoring our internet communications that they’d discovered it. Gee, I’m starting to sound like a paranoid. Which reminds me of […]

West Duluth Business mtg.

Art Johnston called me up last week and asked a favor of me. He told me that the West Duluth Business Club would be meeting at Mr. D’s today and asked if I could attend since he was busy doing engineering work out of town to pay off his legal bills. He asked me not […]

Occam’s Razor explains most, if not all

As a school board member I always thought the official slogan of Board members ought to be: “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t meant they aren’t out to get you!” That was a joke of course but in the absence of a good explanation almost anything will do to fill the void. My last post joked […]