I was rather surprised to bump into this blog about what is happening at the moment in Mali a huge North African nation that is witness to the latest depredations of Al Quaeda. Much like the video We are the world which was taped with dozens of Western music artists this one shows the following […]

Best reading of the day

I thought it would be interesting to see what gun rights folks thought about LaPierre’s press conference today. Googled gun rights blogs and found this “top 25” The fourth one down the list “View from the Porch” had comments from readers. A lot of them panned LaPierre. A couple of examples: *I would be shocked […]

Small Dead Animals

My Buddy sent me this video interview of one of my favorite ex Republicans US Senators, Alan Simpson. He found it on a right wingnut blog “small dead animals.” I love the comments from a colorful Senator who understands that we are sitting on future fiscal ruination. What the wingnuts of the GOP won’t admit […]

Fear and Loathing in ISD 709

Here’s the link to the full power point presentation our poor teachers had to sit through. This is Jane. Jane is a teacher. Jane is in danger. A meteor is about to fall on Jane. That meteor is the Duluth Public that the School Board flipped the bird at two years ago. But just like […]

I’ve got some work to do

I often don’t explain to my wife what I’m up to. I’m the only member of my immediate family that cares about this fight. So, on days like this when I get to observe her reactions to the news I can judge how others are taking it in. Judging by her impressions tonight I’ve got […]

Winking at Sarah

As today’s story on the descent of Duluth test scores shows, no amount of schmoozing will win over a reporter in the end. A good reporter can only let so much soft soap pass before they wake up and remember their professional obligation to tell the truth. While I was in California sketching out things […]

A Crock!

Yesterday’s paper was lying open on my desk with that asinine headline blaring: “District: Environmental study shows Ordean school site will succeed” What a crock. Sure, You could squeeze a five-story single family home where my two-story home currently sits but why? Consultants will tell whoever is paying them whatever they want to hear. In […]

Tweaking the bad news

Notice, this post is not PG approved. Our immoral leaders have put a couple of band aids on the gash at Ordean and the News Tribune heralds it on the front page with this asinine headline. Design tweaked to ease traffic at Ordean school site The reporter does skeptically acknowledge that some people won’t consider […]

Coffee and Con

Katie Nordeen also asked me if I would attend last night’s “Coffee and Conversation” to find out about the new school boundaries. I told her it was the last place I wanted to go. I’d had enough of Dr. Dixon talking for an hour an a half and sucking the oxygen out of the air. […]