The latest on the Timberjay

A friend from Northern Minnesota sent me a link to the Timberjay Newspaper’s story about the court decision likely to be handed down on the lawsuit brought against it by its competitors and minority owners. The plaintiff’s lawyers sounds inept. That reminded me that I’ve been waiting to link to the Zenith City New’s account […]

Meanwhile the Minnesota Newspaper Assn awarded the tiny Timberjay multiple…

… awards for reporting and editorials all for doing what the DNT failed to do. BLOOMINGTON: —The Timberjay received awards for both reporting and editorials in the Minnesota Newspaper AssociationÂ’s statewide newspaper contest held in conjunction with the associationÂ’s convention in Bloomington. In competition against ALL Minnesota newspapers, 1. the Timberjay took the top award […]

Thank you Timberjay

I just received the entire Timberjay story from its publisher. He’d heard of my interest in it from some reader. As I said before its a joy to see serious journalism still being practiced somewhere, anywhere, in Northeastern Minnesota. Court of Appeals raps St. Louis County School Board By Marshall Helmberger The Minnesota Court of […]

Timberjay debates

I got a google alert about a debate that is developing in Tower’s Timberjay newspaper. One letter writer defended Jim Oberstar from Rod Grams over the issue of the BWCA and another critisized Grams. Hey, what about me?! Grams can do better than Oberstar Tower Timberjay News – Tower,MN,USA … Boundary Waters Canoe Area, I […]

Hamilton in Chicago

A feverish little soccer player shook me awake at 2 AM this morning. After giving him ibuprofen and a cough drop he fell back asleep but I wasn’t so lucky. At 4 AM I got up and spent an hour working on my French. I caught a few z’s later in the morning on my […]

The value of true journalism

This story chronicles the lastest chapter in the saga of the Timberjay newspaper which incurred the wrath of its minority share holders by out-reporting them about the cozy relations between Johnson Controls and the sprawling rural St. Louis County School District on the dubious sales pitch for and constuction of a smaller version of Duluth’s […]

My contribution to good journalism

I have often mentioned the Timberjay. That’s the tough little newspaper that fought JCI and the marginally competent School Administration of the St. Louis County Schools all the way to the State Supreme Court and won. Well, the owners of a rival rural paper that defended a School Building project, not unlike our Red Plan, […]