My thanks to the Timberjay

My friend who keeps me directed to the ever informative Timberjay sent me this link this morning. It made it clear that the Duluth Schools will have some relief from its own remarkable alienation of local voters. Sen. Bakk saw to it that every school District in the state will be given additional levy authority without having to go to voters”

As part of the education package approved in the 2013 session, the state Legislature gave school districts the ability to levy up to $300 per student without voter approval. Districts already had the ability to seek additional funds through an excess operating levy, but voters had to okay the tax increase.

The Duluth School Board will surely use this as it has almost no ability to win voter approval of excess levies after the Red Plan debacle. I must admit that if I bother to run and then get elected I would certainly put this new authority to use.

The Jay also exposed the terrible decision of a few of the St. Louis County School District’s senior teachers to gift themselves unreasonably generous insurance benefits over the needs of their entire membership and the needs of the community. I guess their leaders bear a strong resemblance to our own Frank Wanner.

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