Not April Fool’s related – not intentionally anyway

Its two months before I (may) file for Congress. I guess April Fools is as good a day as any to organize oneself. So, this is an invitation to join the anonymous “green democrat” who wished me well yesterday. Above you can see what I have checked daily over the past dozen years of blogging. My visitors are modest not legion. My loyal 8 comes close to averaging 800 visitors a day in some months. Over the last 12 years I have no idea how many people have paid a call on my ten or twenty millions of words.

I sent in a new column to the Reader yesterday. With only two months of them before I go on hiatus I’m thinking of making them a weekly event. I have two new ideas for future weeks. Yesterday’s submission was “The Gift of Why.” It is not overtly political. In fact, I warned publisher Boone that I didn’t want to write a lot of political stuff when he first invited me to contribute. He was hoping I’d represent the Republican side of politics to give his tabloid a non-partisan feel. At the time in 2001 I was still a nominal but apostate Republican who had at least one or two more campaigns in me as a moderate Republican. I guess they were part vanishing acts. In 2006 I contemplated becoming a Democrat hence the name of this blog. Instead I filed for Congress as an Independent candidate again as I had in 1992. But after a short-lived fling with Democrats highlighted by the delightful victory of Barack Obama I retreated to my sullen non partisanship with occasional threats to upset the Republican apple cart. I would do so by returning to the fold as an unreconstructed Re-constructionist. That’s a reference to 1876 in case you’re scratching your heads.

I got a call from Dr. Timothy Westcott of Park College in Parkville, Missouri an hour ago. I had sent him an email mentioning that I suspected my Grandfather suffered from the Spanish flu when he was in France. The plague was more likely the American flu as most researchers think it began a few miles from my Grandfather’s home town of Salina, Kansas. It first hit Fort Funston, a training camp for Americans headed of to the trenches of WW I. The most iconic image of sick soldiers comes from Funston and its where, after the war, my Grandfather was brought for treatment and rehabilitation of the wounds he suffered in the war.

Dr. Westcott mentioned this to a small gathering of academics who have been planning a June commemoration and they immediately asked him if my Grandfather had been at the opening of the Tomb of World War I’s Unknown Soldier. Continue reading

Thank you, Harry

I am about to type corrections into a French story I’ve been translating and typing up. A woman just a little younger than my Mother wrote it. Its the witness of a cat to the war in northern France in 1944 as the Allies tried to probe and charge their way into Germany from France. Its short and formal considering a cat is doing all the writing. But cats are superior creatures. This has kept me busy for better than a week. Its also a good way for me to wrestle with French which while getting more comprehensible to me is still a blur.

I also wrote two columns for the Duluth Reader. I’ve done that for the past few issues. I write one, come up with another idea and submit that instead. One week it was three columns. And the one I wrote last week was never put out in the stands. It was the first issue the publisher has missed and that was because the printer was sold.

And tonight I saw an email with a promising subject heading. I waited until I finished watching Frontline’s program on how the Petro-Chemical Industry gave America the soft soap on recycling thirty years ago and we took it hook line and sinker. Today people are catching on and with Oil being replaced by alternate forms of energy they want their injury production upped with more plastics. Injury production. Cute but not cute.

I hope my new supporter watched it tonight. He/She is remaining anonymous and the message was brief:

Subject: Hello Mr. Welty. I consider myself a Green Democrat. I look forward to you challenging Pete Stauber and will support you. Thanks.

I was even briefer in my reply:

Thank You

I will feel a little ground under my feet when I get half way through the book I’m compiling.

President does right under protection of lies

Like a cat who rolls off a bed while yawning but picks himself up and licks his paws as though to say “I meant to do that,” Prez Trump stopped hinting that America should open back up on Easter. I, of course, beat on the Commander for that threat in this week’s Reader. He deferred to Dr. Fauci instead of replacing him. He was shrewd enough to realize that suddenly how he handles Coronovirus will determine if he has any chance of reelection. I’ll take what I can get from this creature.

The Newspaper biz under attack for being fake already had enough problems but one of their ripper-offers, Facebook, has the deep pockets to sustain some of them for a while during our virus outbreak. The Big Z will pump $100 million into the papers to keep them afloat. We are in a crisis of local newspaper closings. Again I’ll take what I can get. Facebook comes to the rescue of Print Media

And in more virus news, yet another elected President wants to make himself a Czar. This time its Hungary’s Victor Orban. When I was five, in 1956, Republicans were distressed that we stood by to let Russia snuff out a blooming democratic movement behind that era’s Iron Curtain. Now with wannabe three-termer Trump not a peep. Corono Virus used as justification for Dictatorship

The Case for Two Centrist Parties

I believe the Trump supporters have been accused of wanting to go back to the days of Ozzie and Harriet, My Three Sons and Leave it to Beaver….if not quite back to the Flintstones. I understand this idea. Those were great days for a white kid like me with a stay-at-home Mom and a father who was an attorney for the State of Kansas. The privation of the Depression was long past, the post war economy was booming, Europe was still on the ropes and black kids should have been grateful that the era of lynching was mostly in abeyance. Golly, my city, Topeka, Kansas, had gone to the Supreme Court to preserve its more gentle segregation and lost. I was part of a bold new experiment to see if kids of different colors could play together happily like slave kids and their master’s kids. At least until such time as the master’s kids had to reluctantly pick up the whip and enforce the South’s “Peculiar Institution.”

And a lot of good things came to pass in the the sixty-two years that experiment in equality began when the black kids from segregated Buchanan School were shepherded into the white kid’s Loman Hill Elementary. But what I find myself nostalgic for is something all the damn college kids in my era wanted swept away. I wanted two centrist political parties. My peers pined to rid themselves of two parties that they called Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Well, they got their wish. The Citizens Councils of the South, the John Birchers, all sorts of cultic religious conservatives and Texas Oil men took over a new Republican Party that fought to keep us in Vietnam and teach rioting blacks a lesson in the rule of law. They all coalesced with big money from the Koch Brothers and purged moderates from the GOP, people like me. The same thing will happen to the Democratic Party if today’s unhappy youth get their way.

Here is the four line conversation I had on Facebook with my ex Bro-in-law who is becoming an ever more resentful Bernie supporter: Continue reading

Presidential liar and deal breaker

“I do not understand, and my Administration will not treat, this provision as permitting the SIGPR to issue reports to the Congress without the presidential supervision required by the Take Care Clause,” part of Article II Section 3 of the Constitution that states a sitting president “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” This seems to suggest the administration believes it is the president’s duty and not that of an inspector general to ensure the funds are distributed as the law intends.

latest from Vox

What else in the law passed by Congress will Trump ignore – the spending limitations that prevent elected officials from sucking up these corona virus funds the way Trump properties inflate and suck up Secret Service rent?

Donald Trump runs the White House like he does his businesses. Ignore the law and fight and delay in court. Its the work of a Dictator. Its unlawful but he doesn’t give a damn about the law.

Still life for the age of corona virus

first of three pics. Moi avec mon nouveau look. Must keep up my French. I think my recent difficulty getting a good night’s sleep stems from my excitement at several challenges. Fighting corona virus would be the top of that list. Now I can put on a face mask and have more security should a micron of virus spittle try to invade my respiratory tract. But that’s not all. By shaving my graybeard I won’t look that much older than the 53-year-old Congressman Stauber. Claudia always tells me my beard makes me look much older. I like it and it was a good way to hide my youthful impish qualities that some stodgy voters find off putting. But even with young folks swooning over Bernie I doubt looking curmudgeonly will be that attractive. So now, instead of looking 16 years older than Pete, voters will think I’m only ten years older.

Second pic. Continue reading

A nation of Trump, for Trump, and by Trump

The franking privileges of our President:

Why this useful postcard wasn’t described as coming from the CDC or described as being financed by Congress isn’t in question. Its obvious what Trump people do in our government. They find ways to make everything about Trump and every taxpayer funded governmental responsibility the gift of President Trump. I can’t imagine any other Presidential administration of the past splashing the President’s name so blatantly on a nationally mailed out item.

Thank God his press conferences weren’t included. People would die…..oh, they already have….the ones who took his wonder drug for malaria.

Here’s what my better half saw when she pulled it out of the mail.

Edging closer to a fourth abyss – My latest Reader Column

The Duluth Reader, to whom I am fondly in debt for kick starting my print career, didn’t get printed last week. Robert Boone told me that it was the first time ever, in over twenty years, that he had failed to get it into print. The Duluth News Tribe’s Trib did not note or celebrate this disappointment. It has to do with a print shop being sold more than Boone’s recent threadbare financing for the Boone empire. Its financial state will not be helped by advertisers pulling ads due to the coronavirus drought. But in the long term I’m not worried for the future of the Reader. Bob is even more stubborn than he is wily and I think he’s plenty wily. This is simply the beginning of a long prologue to introduce today’s Not Eudora.

I just threw down a gauntlet that I’ve been waltzing around for a couple years, like when I filed but did not campaign in 2018’s Republican primary against Congressman Pete Stauber. Any official campaign I might launch will likely wait until filing opens in July. That doesn’t prevent me from idle threats and taunting in the Muhammad Ali style. I’ll float like a butterfly and sting like a bee until such time as I actively court the voters, ALL OF THEM. There are few voters, citizens or residents in the Eighth Congressional District who would be vastly better represented by me than almost any other American politician I can point my finger at at this moment in time. I am from a different age, and in many ways a better one.

Mr. Boone has some reservations about having active politicians writing for him so I’m hoping that as long as I remain only a distant, unofficial threat to the Congressional campaign he’ll let me keep writing my columns for the Reader. He may not. If not, that just gives me more time to write the book I’ve been threatening to write. Up to now its been a moving target for four or five years. I’ve taken orders on one book, changed my mind, offered refunds, then refocused as events on the ground change as fast as Donald Trump’s tweets.

At present I’ve got a rough idea for a Book title. I’ll keep it under my hat because it would be snapped up by someone else. And frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if a title like it has already occurred to a dozen people. I can imagine finishing it in a month’s time of concentrated effort because the secret is – I’ve been writing it for the last twenty years!

So, with this prologue out of the way I introduce you to the Online version of my latest Not Eudora column: From Victor to Vector.

My comments to a die-hard Bernie Fan

I couldn’t help but compose this reply to a Bernie fan friend of mine when he once again championed Bernie’s cause:

My thoughts:

DJT like George HW Bush is about to discover how bad timing is a political killer. Bush was very popular initially when he attacked Saddam Hussein’s aggressive dictatorship. He was defeated in 92 with only about a third of the vote.

DJT was set to be a formidable candidate when, despite a bare majority of people loathing him, it looked like he would skate by with a roaring economy.

That is now a dead letter unless the world’s advanced science comes up with a cure by mid summer. What killed Bush was a two pronged attack the Dems and the Perotistas. Trump isn’t likely to benefit from a fractured opposition.

I am assuming that Biden will be his challenger. His disappearance from the news with coronavirus is not a liability in my view but a great advantage. He won’t get votes because of what he is doing today in March and April. Instead he gets to lie low and reserve his strength. Meanwhile Trump who is reveling with his captive audience at his semi- disasterous daily press briefings is putting an ever growing target on his back should things go badly. And if the health experts are right they surely will. Republican Senators cashing in on coronavirus insider-training aren’t helping matters.

In November the people who have detested Trump for 4 years may have a lot more company.

As an added benefit the virus is making clear that Bernie Sander’s call for a more vigorous public safety net will have a growing popularity among Trumper’s who previously swallowed the Republican’s schtick about digging themselves out of their own holes when the holes turn out instead to be graves.

Having written this I should caution – DJT has been one of the luckiest bastards in many centuries.
Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

If its death panels or a good economy…

…which one will Donald Trump choose?

Trump is complaining that being President has cost him 2 Billion dollars.
The virus is causing his properties to be closed
The stock exchange is headed for hell.
Dr. Fauci must be shut up.
Death panels are better for Trump’s bottom line.
Even Fox’s owner pays no attention to Fox News. Fox listener’s lives are a small price to pay for his profit and Trump’s reelection.

Between LBJ and Nixon 75,000 Americans died in Vietnam.
If 1% of one-third of the US population that is most likely to catch the virus dies, it will be one million lives.
The last casualty of corona and Trump will be the Party of Lincoln.

Any thoughts Congressman Stauber?

Home of the virus deniers slammed with infections

Fox News hit hard despite claims of a hoax by its talking trumpsters:

On Saturday night, Ms. Scott sent another memo to the company’s rattled staff: The fourth case of coronavirus had been reported in Fox News’s headquarters on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. “We are continuing to take every necessary precaution and to follow every protocol which includes deep cleaning all surfaces these employees were in contact with, in addition to the daily sanitizing and disinfecting that has been performed multiple times a day throughout all areas of the building.”

More here:

The prople in the hospital today…

…got sick over a week ago. While they were waiting to become ill they could have infected 2 or 3 people a day. Over the next week each day’s newly infected people continued to infect 2 or 3 more people. A week from now it will be these people going to the hospital. Soon there will be no more beds in hospitals for new cases of coronavirus. Only staying away from being infected or infecting others can prevent a chain reaction of untreated people.

In France which is a week ahead of the US the government has bumped up the fine for violating the quarantine from $140.00 to $1600.00. More violations will double the fine and could lead to a 6 month jail sentence.

This Chicago Doctor left her family and quarantine to give this speech that has become viral.


A street in Paris under lock down.

My French pen pal Etienne sent me this today. No traffic on the streets of Paris. I sent him a picture of four cars on 21st Avenue East with the explanation that in our small town there seemed to be a lot more traffic than in his world capital city.

My wife has a nephew in the ICU suffering from Corona-virus in Bismarck, ND. Everyone in my family is taking this pandemic seriously. I and most of my family have the good fortune to be able to ride it out with some security. Not so those people serving us when we saunter out to spread viruses we may have but can’t be sure we are spreading.

I have been assuming worst case scenarios. Until the beginning of the week I thought that was unlikely. Now I hope the concentration of scientists, the medical comunity and America’s “deep state” keep us safe from Donald “I’d give myself an A” Trump.

I went to high school with a ton of kids who would be considered the deep state by the loons like Limbaugh and Hannity. They went into public service like the generation of young people went into the Peace Corps. Deep State. That’s an insult……to my intelligence.

But I’m having fun. As I said before I have a few objectives during the plague. Maybe run for Congress again with Pete Stauber’s Trumplicans handcuffed to their divans in front of Fox News. Learn French. Write a book possibly in tandem with a campaign for Congress. And most fun live up to my failed promise to substitute teach. I had decided to simply teach in the school that my grandson’s attend. But they don’t attend it under the circumstances and I’m beginning to see that this could be the end of the school year.

So why not tempt them into doing what I’ve done all my life – peek under the hood of “What’s that all about?” Continue reading

DEPORT THE Murdoch’s

I am unable to post the video below from the Washington Post to the blog but the link below will take you the story. Scroll down till you find these three mouthpieces on Fox. Then push the arrow button and watch them spew out excrement for Rupert Murdoch’s money machine and then swallow it back up a week later.

In the Days of Teddy Roosevelt he called it yellow journalism. I call it make people very paranoid with propaganda so that they become addicted to your codswallop the nation’s well-being be damned.

We shouldn’t be deporting just illegal aliens. We should deport purveyors of hatred spewing falsehoods. I’m sure there is at least one small patch of Australia left unburnt where the Murdoch Klux Klan could find shelter.

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