Policy? What policy? Pt. I

My next post will show the five legal ads published in today’s Trib (the Superintendent’s abettor) requesting bids for Red Plan projects not yet approved by the School Board.

In Dr. Dixon’s headlong rush to prevent the voters from scuttling his grand vision of a gleaming new School System guess how many of these formal steps in District construction policy he’s skipping? It must be nice to have a school board full of eunuchs. (I think this may be a PG approved word because only the most precocious little kids will know what it means. For that matter, little kids play with Ken dolls all the time.)

7025R – Planning Check List for Individual Projects

1. Determine educational philosophy.
2. Determine educational program.
3. Identify facility needs.
4. Assign priority to each need by school and by School District.
5. Assemble priority needs into a list.
6. Visit school and determine extent of work listed.
7. Meet with architect, principal, and others at school.
8. Select site.
9. Program: site, budget, spaces, and equipment.
10. Staff revision of educational specifications.
11. Review revised educational specifications with Superintendent and consultants.
12. Progress reports to appropriate administrators.
13. Preliminary drawings.
14. Preliminary drawings reviewed by principal and consultants.
15. Revise preliminary drawings.
16. Preliminary drawings reviewed by:
a. State Department of Education and State Fire Marshal.
b. City Fire Marshal, and cleared, and a documented report
submitted to the School Board Business Services Committee.
c. School Board representative (informal).
d. School Board (formal).
17. Revise educational specifications to emerging plans.
18. Progress report to Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.
19. Development of working drawings.
20. Working drawings reviewed.
21. Revise working drawings.
22. Working drawings reviewed by:
a. State Department of Education and State Fire Marshal.
b. City Fire Marshal.
c. Fire underwriters.
d. School Board representative (informal).
23. Approval by School Board (formal).
24. Development of detailed drawings.
25. Review and revision of detailed drawings.
26. State Department of Education (formal).
27. Contract preparation.
28. Call for bids.
29. Bids received.
30. Bids awarded.
31. Work start or ground breaking.
32. Work one quarter (1/4) complete.
One Half (1/2) complete.
Three quarters (3/4) complete.
Any change orders requested must be reported to the Business Services Committee immediately.
33. Preliminary inspection.
34. Project occupied by owner.
35. Dedication.
36. Final inspection.
37. Construction accepted by School Board (formal).

Reference : MSA 121.15

Approved: 6-9-70 ISD 709
Revised: 6-20-95