Red Equity

I almost forgot about my comments on equity at last night’s Lakeside forum when we were asked our thoughts about the subject.

I mentioned the new Duluth East Stadium, an addition to the Red Plan after we were assured the plan wasn’t too expensive. It was one of 60 million in additional expenses that drove the cost up from just over a quarter million dollars to $315 million.

The addition of the stadium was approved in the name of equity. Denfeld out west had a stadium, Public School Stadium and it just wasn’t equitable that the eastern half of Duluth would miss out on having its own stadium. Besides some parents had complained that Denfeld wasn’t very welcoming to East kids who played at PSS. So, to make things fair we built a six million stadium for East Duluth for the half dozen football games they would play at home each year. (I only had a minuted to answer the question but I can embellish and draw out my sneering here on the blog)

I pointed out that until the stadium was added in the name of fairness the word “equity” in public education had always referred to poor and underpriveleged students and bending over backward to assure their fair treatment in the schools to make up for their assets. In Duluth this had been perverted to let what was widely regarded as the rich end of town to have its own stadium. I used the word perverted at the forum.

We have had a truly magical few days recently of balmy sunny weather. On my way home I drove past East High and the aforementioned stadium. There was a night game. It looked like football players at the far end of the field to me but a quick search of the Sports results for last night informs me that Duluth East was hosting a soccer game. I’m so glad. Soccer has not yet become a big sport in the US and that may be the explanation for the paltry 30 or 40 people in the stands. I hope the six football games East hosts all see larger crowds for our new tribute to fairness.

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