Another book

Until I began campaigning this year I was on a pretty good tear through some interesting books. I’ve got a lot of books on my shelves waiting for me patiently but I’m always on the lookout for new ones.

I just heard the author of a a book on the Dulles Brothers interviewed on Public Radio and was extremely intrigued. I had a sense that former Secretary of State John Foster Dulles was a man who had an immense impact on American foreign policy when I was a child and upon whose shoulders might rest significant blame for among other things the Vietnam War. I just looked up the book on Amazon hoping to read a review. There wasn’t one yet but I found this fascinating review in the Boston Globe.

I may have to set aside that book on Eva Braun and order this one for after the election. I’ll have a quiet couple of months before my possible seating on the School Board in January.

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