3000 Red Plans

The red plan has been a major focus of this blog for 6 years. The election this year has been a major focus through the summer and fall. But there are so many other things on my mind. For instance, yesterday I heard a remarkable story on NPR that is almost as remarkable for its not being that remarkable. It was the story about the Defense Department’s latest fighter plane, the F-35. Its years behind schedule for completion. It is supposed to replace the fighter planes of all the service branches Army, Navy, Marines. And it cannot be killed because parts of it were designed to be built in every congressional district in America to guarantee that no Congressman will ever vote to put the taxpayers out of their misery. So far it has cost of one and a half trillion dollars. That’s trillion with it T.

I’ve rounded up the costs of Duluth’s Red Plan, which is slowly killing our schools, at half a billion dollars. This Defense Department airplane has cost the equivalent of 3000 red plans and is nowhere near completion. It’s so easy to become a cynic when you hear a story like this.

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