Small frustrations of blogging etc.

Yesterday I began a post with the intention of placating Liam who wanted me to post a couple items on the blog and work on my nascent campaign website.

I had typed four pleasing paragraphs when an errant finger strike cast them into the void and I was not sufficiently versed in recovery to save them. I was too discouraged to try to recall them and so went on to the website to make it presentable. As only 80 people had paid it a call over the previous month I wasn’t too concerned with it. However, I’d just sent out a few thousand fundraising letters with its URL front and center. That gave me plenty of incentive to make it presentable before an avalanche of new visitors.

Unfortunately the learning or relearning curve was too steep for a single day’s building of a website. I put in some semi-incindiary things confident that the whole enterprise had become unreachable. Oops! Today Liam informed me that he liked the pictures (one of his requests) that I had put on the site.

Oh well, I have a dozen things that I wouldn’t mind blogging about but I’ve got a webpage to fix, a meeting with Liam and another potential volunteer and I had already spent an unplanned for hour cleaning out the dry goods in my kitchen cupboard. Some new and different critters had infiltrated half closed boxes.

The blog will have to wait but among the topics I might eventually get round to are these. Being caught between a loyalty to two competing political families. My visit to the Gay Pride event. News stories about Education, of all things. Furthermore my hunt for interesting pictures for Liam put a packet of old snow sculpture photos in my hands. When I posted the earliest such photos on the old website it was the antique and pokey dial-up era. I had to put postage stamp sized images on my website or it would take an hour for them to upload on people’s computer screens.

I think one of my first missions will be to post full-sized snow sculpture pics on the campaign website and explain how they reflect my long and unorthodox political career. That sounds a lot more fun than knocking on doors or filling out questionnaires.

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