Saturday, look for me at the Gay Pride celebration

I’m not a big meet and greeter and I dislike schmoozing but I’ve been invited to simply stroll along and say hello, sans literature. I can do that. I’ve got a long history of cordiality towards the gay community. The Log Cabin Republicans endorsed me for the state legislature twelve years ago when I was only brave enough to support civil unions. That was the same year a young gay DFLer infiltrated my campaign and discovered, I presume, that I wasn’t such a bad fellow.

Last Fall I hand painted a lawnsign to adorn my lawn.

The Duluth Schools is so short handed right now that it will be hard pressed to deal with bullying which is a nasty fact of life gay kids know all too well. Its one more reason my determination to get our student-teacher ratios back down to Earth ought to win me a lot of non-traditional support.

If it threatens to rain look for me under an umbrella.

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