My Zealotry

It took a second reading of the Trib’s editorial endorsement for me to grasp the Editor’s failure to really understand me.

I was called an anti Red Plan zealot. I’ll confess readily to the zealotry. However, my zealotry was confined to outrage over the theft of my voting rights. The rest of my criticism of the Red Plan congealed over time as the evidence of its many duplicities and impossible promises built up.

I do like the folks at the Trib for whom I have been a mighty critic. I liked them even when I was at my most zealous and critical. I hold no grudges against anyone with the possible exception of Supt. Dixon who has no honor or scruples and who abandoned the Duluth Schools just before they fell over Niagara.

So once again. Harry is and has been a zealot about voting rights.

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