That damned fence is finally painted

And it looks really pretty and white. Thank you for helping Claudia. As a bonus we weeded the garden next to it. Now maybe I can start campaigning.

I told Liam, (my former PCV) I’d try to get a paypal account linked up to my website.

My next big job is to reread the last two weeks of newspapers and clip them. I only skimmed stories on the referendum and legislative changes that will either free or hem in our School District. I expect I’ll have to call the State Dept. of Education to straighten out some of this information before I offer too many opinions on the likely referendum to come.

One thing is clear. Nothing is clear. The front page story yesterday in the DNT about the six options that the School Board considered makes the last three part referendum sound like ABC.

Today’s story about Supt. Gronseth’s pitch to the Chamber of Commerce limited the options to two which was more manageable if I understood them correctly. Too bad for the Superintendent that it was not a front page story.

Ominously, I noticed that the CEO the Emerald City Chamber of Commerce made no promises about supporting a referendum. Wizard Ross may only have Red in his rainbow. Tough luck Blue birds.

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