Ten years after my speech…

…I was still stubbornly attending Republican activities.

I did however, have the chance to vent a little as I did on Apr 21st. 2002, in a column for Not Eudora which began:

I am a mass murderer. Now mind you, I’m not talking about just any old, garden variety, mass murder but the world’s most massive holocaust ever. My crime is so vast that it dwarfs the nazi death camps, the Soviet purges, and the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge all rolled into one.

Four years and two more Republican candidacies (2002 and 2004) later I finally started attending Democratic Precinct Caucuses. I may go back to the Republicans to attempt a rescue of Abraham Lincoln but my favorite precinct caucus of all time will forever be the DFL caucuses of 2008 in which swarms of like-minded Obama supporters flooded the Democratic caucuses to give Obama the lead in Duluth.

Obama reminds me of my favorite Kansas politician Dwight David Eisenhower. Of course, both men had Mothers from Kansas. So did I.

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