Re: putrescence and BS Detection

I’m certainly guilty of hyperbole when I scathingly generalize about Republicans. I’m pretty confident, if not over confident of my insights however because I was there with them for thirty years watching the party evolve and as a student of history looking back on their previous incarnations.

I also believe I have some powers of observation born of being a bit of an outsider. This subject has gotten a lot of attention in the Daily Dish and its begun as a thread called “the Gay Bullshit Detector.” Here’s the latest post from today with comments from others about their powers of insight.

His readers are writing in to say that the idea of a gay bullshit detector totally resonates with them. I’ve always thought this must be the case because there were so many successful although closeted gay actors. Good acting requires close observation and no one is more observant than someone from the outside trying to fit it. There are, of course, many other ways in which one can be an outsider as some of the Dish’s contributors point out – A Catholic in Protestant America or a Jew or an Immigrant or someone of a persecuted race.

In my case I was moved to new locales at important times in my life. I moved to a new school in second grade and just as I was becoming a part of the crowd my folks moved again when I started junior high taking with me the only strong regional accent to a school where every other child had been in school with everyone else since kindergarten. Junior high gave my most miserable three years until I began teaching ten years later. Its also the source of some of my favorite personal tales.

So, as I continue spew about putrescence keep in mind I know whereof I speak regardless of the hyperbole.

Know also that I’m the sort of person who will find it easy to bury the hatchet somewhere else other than in an adversary’s head.

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