The next backwards post – My PCV or some set of initials

The prospect of a crazy serious volunteer has me almost giddy:

Here are a couple emails between us prior to the KBJR interview to give you a flavor of our getting aquainted courtship.

From the PCV:

Today would have been a perfect day for a campaign volunteer, or even a crew of campaign volunteers, to go door to door lit dropping. Studies show that nothing (except for actual face to face campaigning) is more effective in drawing voters to a candidate. Campaign flyers delivered door to door at the precinct level give you, as the candidate,the opportunity to introduce and/or reintroduce yourself to voters. They typically have a picture of you, sometimes a picture of you and your family, a few words about your background and experience, and a few words about what your viewpoints are and a few words about what your aims and goals would be as an officeholder. They can be single sided or double sided, in your case most likely double sided.

They’re also perfect for street fairs, festivals, and block parties. I know you probably won’t be set up to do any of this until after the September 10th primary, but I did want to mention it now because it would be quite meaningful to me if you and I, and perhaps some others could walk around the Pride Festival handing out literature. Pride this year is on Saturday, August 31st, in Bayfront Festival Park, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The event is free and open to all, including the anti-gay protesters whose presence is tolerated for some strange reason. If they can be there, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t be there.

In all seriousness,
a.k.a. PCV

From Me:

I’ll give serious thought to attending this event with you.

I’ll Also give some thought as to what to pass out. I have some ideas already. It won’t be a generic flyer.


From Me:

PS. we need a new acronym for you. Give it some thought.

From the PCV:

Well, if you don’t mind sharing with the reading public what your campaign volunteer’s political ideals and ideologies are like, you could call me LDT for Latter Day Trotskyite. Or SFP for San Francisco Progressive. Or UMD for Unemployed Minnesota Democrat. It’s your call.

From Me:


Do not show this attachment to anybody. I cranked it out just now the same way I cranked out the TMI posts without looking back or doing any proof reading. I’ll show it to you only to keep you in the know. You are the only other person at present in the know.

This (edited like crazy) will go out to about 1500 addresses of folks who donated to Let Duluth Vote.

I’m probably going to drop the TMI schtick. I wrote those in a daze from a couple sleepless nights after I had worked myself to a bloody pulp.

I’m leaving on Wed to take my son to St. Louis where he will begin PHD studies .I ‘ll be gone until Saturday.

If I get myself organized I’ll set up a checking account tomorrow. I may have a television interview (for rebroadcast probably) tomorrow at 1. I’ll meet with an old School Board ally for breakfast Tuesday. That’s this week then I’m out of town.

I find typical campaign brochures uninformative and forgettable. I love to tell stories and pull people in. Its how I raised $20,000 to pay for Let Duluth Vote’s lawyer.

Even if I don’t have a checking account ready we could go to Verizon and look at phones. tomorrow if you like. I might get you started on a starter phone without all the bells and whistles. If we raise more money we can get a higher end model.

What say you?

From PCV:

Great fundraising letter, Harry. There were actually very few mistakes, grammatical or otherwise. The only thing I noticed is that you weren’t clear about the name of your campaign committee. As I’m sure you’re aware, campaign finance law can be a tricky and complicated thing that could potentially get one into real legal, as well as political, trouble. May I suggest the simple and easy to understand “Welty for School Board”?

Since your email came in at 12:07 a.m., I’m not sure if by “tomorrow” you meant today, as in Monday, or tomorrow, as in Tuesday. Either way, yes, I am ready to go shopping. Please call me at 218 *** *** (the resident line) or you can also try going through the office at 218 *** ***. I will check messages and email throughout the day, today, Monday. I look forward to hanging out with you again.

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