Demographics # 2

Also on the Daily Dish was a graph that blew me away. A longer version of it from the World Bank can be found here.

This is another trend I’ve heard about. The flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico has been seizing up. It might be natural to think this is because of the hazards of crossing our newly heavily patrolled borders but that may be an illusion. For one thing the Mexican economy seems to be improving despite the the drug war.

More tellingly the birth rate hass changed drastically from my youth. when I was in high school Mexican women averaged close to 7 children. Today they are having just a little over 2 children.

If women suffering in the current GOP oriented free enterprise exalting, universal health care resistant, economy doesn’t make a difference then reduced paranoia about illegal immigration over diminishing numbers of illegals will. The GOP still has gun control to worry voters about but gays bashing doesn’t cut it so much anymore.

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