Cure for Health Insurance – Capitalism

Barrons has a provocative review about a new book which suggests that there is nothing wrong with American health care that a little capitalism can’t cure. Here’s a sample.

“Imagine the expense of car insurance if it covered oil changes and routine maintenance, the way health insurance covers annual check-ups and routine medication. Imagine, further, the cost of car insurance if there were no insurance adjusters, so that people could take their car to any body shop or mechanic without inquiring about the price in advance.

The 46 million uninsured Americans turn out to include considerably fewer seriously afflicted people than we usually hear: Their numbers are not growing any faster than the total population. About half who don’t have insurance at any particular time get it within five months. One-third of the 46 million earn more than $50,000 in the year in which they are counted. Many are in good health and simply don’t need medical care. If they do get sick and are poor they can sign up for Medicaid at the hospital emergency room.”

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