Duluth Solutions – Noon to 1 today

My campaign Manager, Chris Correia, is holding an online discussion with Duluth City Councilor, Don Ness, today at noon on his forum www.duluthsolutions.com.  Its open to anyone who logs in. I’ll probably lay low because I’m challenging Don’s employer Congressman Oberstar and Chris is my campaign manager.

Don is given lots of grief about being such a friendly, smiley guy but he’s genuine. When Don saw me gathering petitions to run against his boss last July in downtown Duluth, he gave me a pained but friendly smile and asked: “Harry, What are you doing to me!”

I don’t envy the task Don and the other city councilors face in Duluth with a looming $300 million liability to cover retiree’s healthcare benefits. It’s reportedly growing by $40,000 every day that the city does nothing. I have strong opinions about the failure of the City to limit its liabilities starting from the moment it self-insured itself decades ago when health care seemed a cheap trade off. I’m sure that the topic will come up as it has been hashed out in the media for the past two years.

Anyone wishing to bone up on the story before typing in some questions for Ness might check here or here.

After thinking about the partisan nastiness in Washington D.C. over the past decade I can’t help but admire anyone as cheery as Ness. Its too bad cheeriness can’t will away problems like the ones Duluth faces.

Those interested in taking part in the conversation or keeping their options open for doing so are advised to register at the site in advance. If they don’t they will only be able to watch it unfold online.

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