The unvarnished me

Regarding this story in the back of today’s DNT:

“…there are people who still are opposed to the project, Gronseth said.

‘I understand that. There are times when I, too, wish we had the ability to go back and find another way to accomplish what needed to be done in a way that more people could accept,’ he said of the plan, which was approved by the School Board and not voters.

But at this point, he said energy and resources should be directed to the future.

Board member Mary Cameron said Gronseth is moving in the right direction by holding nearly three dozen community meetings to hear from residents this month and next.

“He’s right that we need to move past the long-range plan,” she said. “We’re trying to make amends with those still upset, but we need to keep focus on the kids.”

I got this email:

On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 6:26 AM, (a friend) wrote:

Mary Cameron was one of the worst offenders with her eye rolling, slouched in the chair, nail picking behavior when people pleaded with the board to reduce the RP.
Gronseth stood before the board a few years back and read the same letter he had written to the DNT about the wonderful project at his Homecroft school and thanked the board. He is trying to play it both ways now wishing some things could have been done differently.

When the Board was in a position of power and didn’t have to listen to people at “community meetings” because they could do whatever they wanted without a vote they chose to ridicule and demonize LDV and others. They chose to ignore valid concerns. Now they expect people to kiss and make up at more community meetings?

The tables are turned. Voters are in the driver’s seat.
While many are still very angry over the waste of resources, the vote, Dixon most don’t trust these people.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

To which I replied:

Yes (friend). I agree, I agree , I agree.

But the thing is that these bastards screwed our kids out of decent schools and its up to those of us who don’t trust them to fix what we can. I find their crocodile tears infuriating but I can’t punish them without hurting the kids. They know that. I know that. Damn them.


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