Heading out of town

I know for my regular readers like Paul it will be tough opening up today’s blog and finding lite reading but I’m already late heading to the Twin Cities to attend to family business. Darn it. I hate being distracted from my campaign to win back the vote for the people of Duluth.

Before closing the blog this morning I just checked my stats. Darn it. I just missed the record of 250 daily visitors yesterday by eight. Today will be a little lighter because of the limited posting due to my having a life outside of this crusade.

I’ll be heading off on a vacation in a couple days and that too will mean fewer posts – maybe even a blackout – unless I take a laptop with me. I might use that time to put a book together about the rape of Duluth. I think I could crank it out in a couple weeks lmostly from this blogs “rascally” posts that Paul so objects to.

I think a book would be a good fundraiser for that $100,000 bond I have to raise by June 30th. It certainly would be an eye opener for all the senior citizens in Duluth who don’t go online.

If you’d like to pre-order a copy or let me know if your interested take a look at this page and send me an email to that effect. This page will also help Paul and others who’ve been frustrated that they can’t respond to my posts by giving them a way of sending their rebuttals for me to post for them.

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