A look back at a post I forgot to upload back on November 11, 2012

As I pointed out in the preceding post something went wrong on my blog and six posts that are in my records disappeared from the blog. You can read them in that post by clicking the links to them but they don’t appear in the blog otherwise. This is the second unexplained glitch in Lincolndemocrat this month. A few weeks back five days worth of records about people visiting the blog were wiped clean. That has me looking at my end for problems.

While looking I discovered this seven year old post that I never uploaded. It is a harbinger of things to come. Ann Wasson was eager to remove both Gary Glass and Art Johnston from the School Board and Bill Westholm in his turn made Johnston spend $75,000 in court to remain on the board for a load of nonsense that cost the School District close to a quarter million for the failed purge. Here’s the old post I forgot to upload to Lincolndemocrat seven years ago (the link to the column Wasson and Westholm wrote no longer works):

Ann Wasson and Bill Westholm wrote a DNT column for the DNT a few days ago incredulous that Art Johnston didn’t understand the finances of the Red Plan.

They said that Art didn’t understand finance. What they meant was that Art is annoying. Art is of course, right about the finances.

What Wasson and Westholm are suggesting is what a teenager given a credit card might argue about saving money by using a credit card to buy lots of stuff at a sale. Some folks who spend themselves into bankruptcy while saving so much on bargains are like gamblers who think they mostly win when they gamble. Our children will pay the price for their foolishness.

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