Campaign stuff

I finished up another questionnaire this morning and this time I got Mel’s invaluable help. Darn, he had some good ideas. Meanwhile the St. Paul Press called to ask me if I’d gotten theirs. I hadn’t. I have to turn it in tomorrow. Its remarkably thin. All they ask is for a 50 word answer to the question “why me?”

I had to hustle to find someone new to produce my campaign television ad. My former producers got too busy to do it so I found a studio and took 15 minutes to do a quick recording. I’ll go back at noon tomorrow to direct the graphics work. Mel offered some advice on the script and despite his complaint that it is too negative agreed that it was fair..

Mel has been encouraging me to take the high road and he wants me to take that road tomorrow on Almanac with Oberstar and Grams. Mel may be disappointed with my perfomance.

I cranked out a press release this afternoon on the appearance. I won’t know for another 24 hours whether I’ll be invited so I’ll just drive down after I finish up the ad and cross my fingers. If any polls are published tomorrow showing me polling less than 5% I’m toast. If not I’ll get to sit in Almanac’s Green room with Grams and Oberstar while we wait our half hour. If either of them have been reading my blog they may be a tad frosty.

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