Good news, Bad news

The good news is that Minnesota tops the nation in ACT scores. The bad news is that its for our white students.

I suspect that for Duluth the bad news is worse regarding minority students. According to the Tribune’s story linked to above every junior in a Minnesota high school will be required to take the ACT test next year. That’s a test to see if students have what it takes to be enrolled into college. The result will be a drop in Minnesota’s ACT test ranking as the 30 percent of Minnesota students who are least likely to and least prepared to go to college will bring our average test results down. I don’t mind that change but its a heads up for my readers not to be disappointed when that news is reported next year.

The good news for me is that I’m beginning to find time to catch up. I saw and sang to my Mom today. Its been a long eleven days since I had a chance to see her. Its the longest I’ve ever gone without leaving town on a vacation. Singing to my poor demented Mother is good for my sanity so I’ve missed it. As I kissed her on the head I promised her I’d be back more often to atone for my absence. Its a promise she no doubt could not understand let along remember.

While I was with her I made a call to Art’s friend mentioned earlier and got a chance to talk to him before rushing home to tend to my grand-sons. We had a fun conversation about his ten years in Duluth. He wants to sell his car because its been a discouraging hassle. He’s been pulled over for DWB (driving while black) not just the one time I mentioned previously but six times and just this summer. Last month it was three times. I told Tim I’d only been pulled over six times over the past forty years and almost always for speeding not for being white. BTW, His 2003 Montecarlo is a nice looking car if anyone is interested in spending about $3000.00 to take it off his hands and free him from being pulled over so often. Send me an email ( if you’re interested and I’ll put you in touch with him.

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