I apologize for my passive aggressive post

I wrote a little hastily yesterday about Denfeld High School, specifically about principal Sconiers.

Its true I like her and think she is a good person to have at the school. The no nonsense part is right on.

I did however gratuitously link her with Allen West (who I consider an ass) and Michael Steele (who has proven to be a chicken).

That has more to do with my disdain for the current GOP than anything Ms. Sconiers ever said. In fact, I consider her personal challenge of my opposition to the Red Plan to have been one of her better moments. She stood toe to toe with me and disagreed unlike most of her allies many of whom bad mouthed me behind my back. I appreciate her forth rightness even if I think she, like many others, was taken in by the promises of Johnson Controls and Supt. Keith Dixon.

Ms. Sconiers will have a tough few years at Denfeld and I wish her well. The same forth rightness that she demonstrated to me will be needed.

She is not like the blustering Congressman West and not like the bowing and scraping Michael Steele.

I need to keep my adversaries separate and unconflated. School board foolish. GOP Bolshevists scary. They are not the same and besides, Ms. Sconiers is in neither camp. She just has to pick up the pieces from their failed local and national policies.

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