and the Mason jar

The understaffed Duluth News Tribune which can’t muster the manpower to properly report the Red Plan got a little help from the editorial board. It had a “quite candid” conversation with the Superintendent in order to give his side of the story. “The Dixon Line.” There’s nothing like a long string of non sequiturs to persuade me to jump over a cliff. I can’t wait for the Trib’s follow-up commendation of our Superintendent.

There was another Dixon lie. He told the Editorial Board that he’s spent $50 million bucks so far. Just the other night his Finance Director told the ATS&R Architectural firm that we’ve spent between $10 and $15 million so far. Let’s have a little follow up editors.

No matter how much has been spent I hope Duluth gets it all back from JCI in punitive damages. Permitting them to take the rest would be like allowing burglars to finish filling their van during a robbery.

Among my favorite non sensequitors:

“We ran the process. I believe this plan is the one the community, in general, supports.”

No comment necessary

“Quality education is supported by high-quality facilities. Buildings make a difference. They do.”

And that’s why upwards of a 1,000 Duluth students are scrambling to leave the Duluth School District. The buildings are indeed making a difference in stripping our classrooms of the operating money needed to teach.

“We’re right-sizing the buildings.”

Maybe before the exodus this seemed reasonable but the current plan is building Ordean High 20% larger than needed so that when families see how great our schools are they will return en masse. But once students open enroll out of Duluth most will never return.

“There’s a lot of energy and a lot of feeling that we want to get going.”

Its energy borne of desperation as Dr.Dixon has sped the project up to beat the next school board election which will prove that his first statement about community support is delusional.

“For Duluth to succeed, ultimately, we have to have high-quality education.”

Which is why, long after Dr. Dixon leaves, he will be reviled as the man who destroyed our public schools.

“I think we’ve done a lot of accommodating for that community that needs to be acknowledged.”

He’s put cosmetics on a whore, put a gun to the Ordean neighborhood, and is forcing a shot gun wedding.

“It’s not a top-down outfit around here anymore.”

This isn’t very creditable seeing as how Dr. Dixon’s has canned all the administrators with the temerity to question his decisions creating a climate of fear throughout the District.

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