Tough love at the RNC

The frosting on the cake for Mitt’s night of nomination was the Governor of the Jersie Shore Chris Christie who warned Americans that their leaders were “paralyzed by our desire to be loved.”

I had told Claudia (and have been telling her this for about a year) that Christie was one of the bright hopes of the GOP. She was unimpressed although I thought he gave a good speech. Of course, he barely mentioned Mitt Romney except to say that Mitt would make us face the hard truths as our President. Instead he told us that Americans didn’t need politicians (which apparently meant Democrats) who were unwilling to tell us the truth we needed to hear. The only truth he had in mind was that we were spending too much. Christie didn’t mention that the Republican answer for this is been to borrow money or cut Medicare. That is a hard truth.

Christie didn’t mention that previous Republican heroes, like Ronald Reagan, had raised taxes. Didn’t mention that Republicans have all taken pledges from an idealogue, Grover Norquist, who has grown rich punishing any Republican who dares raise taxes (including Tim Pawlenty). Didn’t mention that 150 largely Republican congressmen believe women who have been raped should bear their children. Didn’t mention that Republicans unable to attract minority votes in sufficient numbers have gone on a tear putting up roadblocks to voting reminiscent of the South’s near prohibition against black voting before the 1970’s. Didn’t mention the GOP’s war on science, global warming, energy saving, gays, Latinos, libertarians, Islam, public schools and paying off the national debt through taxation.

Whether you believe Chris Christie or not you have to admit there was no Reagan-like Morning-in-America speech. I saw Mitt Romney’s tight lipped semi-smile while he listened to his key noter. I wonder if Mitt, the Bain Capital salesmen, sensed that Christie’s pitch might not find him many buyers in November.

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