This is the nation that most of the GOP presidential candidates…

…want to bomb Iran: Modern Israel.

In economic terms, the haredi revival in Israel has been disastrous. Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community is ever more dependent on the state and, through it, on other people’s labor. Exploiting political patronage, ultra-Orthodox clerics have largely taken over the state’s religious bureaucracy, imposing extreme interpretations of Jewish law on other Jews. By exempting the ultra-Orthodox from basic general educational requirements, the democratic state fosters a burgeoning sector of society that neither understands nor values democracy. And to protect their own growing settlements, haredi parties are now essential partners in the pro-settlement coalitions of the right.

They spit on Greek Orthodox priests who try to worship at the Wailing wall. They are out reproducing every one else yet they do not add to the economy because they do not work while they live off the Israeli welfare system. When war comes their sons will not fight it. They are egging on the Islamic nations that outnumber and surround them by displacing the rightful onwers of Palestine from their land and expect America to pay the bill for any coming war.

Sounds a little like Christian Michelle Bachmann spitting on the Obama policy of ending torture through water boarding.

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