Walking to school

Remember how the School District pushed back on the critics of the Red Plan when they denied that their new Western Middle School would reduce the numbers of kids walking to school?

I found this letter in the DNT today interesting.

To the joy of all parents who have young children, school starts in a few weeks. That seemed a good reason to take my weekly look at the new Lincoln Park Middle School.

There are no sidewalks leading to the school. The new road off West Third Street has a sidewalk for only about two blocks. What are kids going to do the rest of the way up the winding hill? Walk in the street?

Another route students probably will try will be Atlantic Avenue. But after the 10-inch rain in June that street washed out in places, and the fix was throwing some blacktop on it.

Wellington Street, which leads to the back of the school, is the worst street in the city of Duluth.

So what are the kids to do in the area between Third Street and Wellington Street? Make their own path through the woods, I guess. In the winter they can use snowshoes.

Wallace Newquist


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