News Who?

A couple posts ago I commented that most political blogs, no matter how much they criticize the MSM (mainstream media) depend upon it for content and context. I was looking for a who’s who of pundits and periodicals that I could link to for people trying to figure out how tell what the prejudices the writers approached their writing from. I haven’t found one yet but I did find a two year old list of the top 16 new sites that bloggers linked to in 2003.

It probably hasn’t changed much in two years.

01. The New York Times
02. The Washington Post
03. BBC
04. U.K. Guardian
05. Wired
08. CNN
09. Reuters
10. (U.K.) Register
11. Los Angeles Times
12. ABC News
13. (U.K.) Independent
14. The National Review
15. WSJ. Opinion Journal
16. The New Republic

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