Nebraska GOP majority sides against fetuses…

…to fight illegal immigration.

I missed going on the Internet at all yesterday I was so busy. I had a couple things I wanted to post about but this NPR story really was the chickens coming home to roost for me.

Long time readers know I’m pretty irritated with the self righteous zealotry of the GOP on the issue of abortion. Mississippi and North Dakota GOP legislators wanted to make fetuses citizens from conception on with all the Constitutional rights even if they were the products of rape or incest. That is a kind of laudable purity……..if indeed it stems from the belief that all human life is sacred from the moment of conception. I’ve always figured that for most elected Republicans its far more a matter of straitforward opportunism than religiously motivated purity. That seems to have been demonstrated in Nebraska recently when Republicans were given the chance to fund neo-natal health care for the unborn and a majority of them choked on paying for wetback fetuses.

You see the GOP is also adamantly against illegals and Nebraska legislators had to choose between sacred life and spending money on illegal immigrants. By a vote of 16 to 14 the anti-illegals GOP legislators chose fighting illegals over fighting for fetuses. They lost because Democrats voted for neo-natal care.

From National Public Radio:

The measure would require the state to pay for prenatal care to low-income women who have entered the U.S. illegally. It would extend coverage to an estimated 1,162 fetuses each year at a cost of $650,000 in state money and $1.9 million in federal tax dollars.

The measure advanced through first of three required votes Tuesday night, 30-16. Fourteen of the “yes” votes came from Republicans, who joined with a contingent of typically out-numbered Democrats.

From 1972 until 2004 I tried to be a pro choice Republican. From the earliest years I’ve appreciated honest pro-lifers. But I’ve always known it was the herd instinct that made the GOP a pure anti-abortion party. Why Second Amendment types would care about abortion never made any sense to me. Why pro military types would care about it made no sense to me. Why anti-tax fans would care about it I had no idea other than to conclude the GOP was a collection of special interests who each scratched each other’s backs.

In recent years anti-immigration hardliners have made their way into the GOP. Now we know that for them the unborn of incest are sacred, the unborn of rape are sacred but the unborn of illegals are not.

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