Even Billy Graham’s daughter seems to think God has cursed…

…Americans unto the seventh Generation if the Rapture doesn’t come first. That’s what being a Republican means today.

[T]he alarm did not fade away. Instead, I have heard it reverberating throughout the past 10 years: from Hurricane Katrina to the record-breaking floods, forest fires, tornadoes, droughts, and snow storms; to the collapse of our major financial institutions; to the economic recession; to the inability to win the war in Afghanistan.

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately about how the Democratic Party purged themselves of Stalinists, Communists, and Fellow Travelers in the 1950’s. Is it too late for the GOP to do the same to the Christian millennialists? They say that turnabout is fair play and the God fearing GOPers started it with their own purges of moderate RINOs.

And lets not forget that Governor Rick Perry’s prayers seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Maybe she doesn’t mind the separation of Church and State.

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