Damn Providential Cats

If you’ve kept up with the blog you know that our cat died the day we left for Denmark. Actually it was worse than that for Claudia. She had to make a quick decision whether to go to extremes to save the cat for what likely would have been a very short time. This would have put the burden of making a decision on our son who was staying behind for his college classes. She made the only sensible decision available to her and then suffered all the guilt of wondering whether it could have been otherwise.

She had a bout of tears in Denmark when something reminded her of putting O’Shea down and another bout upon returning to an empty home and finding sympathy cards from the two verterinary clinics that we took O’Shea to.

While in Denmark she had told me that she and my son would both out vote me to get a new cat to which I grumbled uselessly.

So upon checking my email I found a note from Yolande who volunteers at the local animal shelter. Her friend Vic, my regular reader who constantly needles me, told her about the vacancy in our house when she told him about the kitten she was desperately seeking a home for as the only alternative was a quick trip to kitty heaven.

Well, we went over to look the kitty over. I knew that we were doomed when I read her email talking about providence. Yolande had two names for the little tortiseshell, Grisette and Tanit. The later is the moon goddess of Carthage. Tanit was so named because she was found in the moonlight. As a big fan of Hannibal I liked tha latter name and Claudia did too.

We went to the animal shelter to fill out forms and swear to keep Tanit an indoor cat. We will have a new kitten in our home Friday after the Shelter spays her.

I kept grumbling “damn cat” but Claudia was having none of it. My son also seemed glad to have the cat vacuum filled.

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