Is Europe catching America’s paranoia?

The Brits made busts a while ago which they touted as thwarting an Islamofacist terrorist plot. Then there were doubts about how serious the plot was. A couple days ago the Danes broke up a similar plot. Now there is great skepticism about how serious the plot was.

This is a little like the American disease of paranoia. Its now better to follow Dick Cheney’s 1% solution. Better act if there is as much as a 1 percent chance of right about a plot against America. Hitler and Stalin acted on something like the 1 percent solution to prevent any threats to their states. The question ought to be were citizens any safer after its adoption?

Count me as one of Mel’s skeptics. When I was in college and the Vietnam war was raging and I went out campaigning for Republicans in 1972 I remember the lady who told me we should all listen to President Nixon because “He knows more than we do.” Apparently some people still believe this kind of thing.

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