The Impossible Dream

One last quick post before bed II.

As I was building the sculpture I couldn’t help but warble what I could recall of the signature song from the Man of LaMancha, The Impossible Dream.

As I’ve been working on Don Quixote I’ve thought of one delightful coincidence that it would be fun to engineer. My hero Abe Lincoln was elected to a single term in Congress. It was a miserable year for him. He opposed a popular war and his partisans back home in Illinois were none to thrilled with him from bucking popular sentiment. He was a newbie in Congress with no clout and he was away from his family too much.

Geez it would be fun to match Abe in the single term department. Should I get elected over the likes of the DFL candidates according to my fantasy campaign and then run as a Republican in the next election I could almost guarantee that I would be a one term congressman. Still, there would be so many things I’d love to do while a congressman in D.C. that I think could make a difference to the national psyche. Hell we could use a snow sculptor in Congress. At least I know what do with snow which is our elected leaders favorite pastime – snowing their constituents.

Then I’d write a tell all book about that too. I’ve got a title in mind already. I’ll post it tomorrow.

BTW: Here’s the Impossible Dream. I’ve got a good mind (or a bad one) to post my own version of it. Frankly Richard Harris who got paid to sing it is no great shakes in the vocalizing department.

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