It turns out that Republican mad bombers only support …

the minority in Israel who are mad bombers and that means an Israeli minority. Extremists always seem to gather in a posse together. That makes it all the easier to conduct a lynching.
It also turns out that the leader of the Israeli mad bombers mostly wants to weaken President Obama’s chances at reelection even if there is no telling how messed up he leaves the world and fouls up America’s interests. You have to read the first link in the link above to catch that. I can only conclude that the Israeli mad bomber wants the mayhem to boost his own political party’s chances of staying in power. So we Americans are being pressed to go to a third middle east war to let a minority supported mad bomber pick a fight for which Israel only gets a couple year delay in a possible Iranian production of a nuclear weapon……..Oh I can see why Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Mitt (to bomb or not to bomb) Romney want us to give Israel the go ahead to start a fight. Makes perfect sense.

This is pretty repellent stuff. For me there are many ironies. Here’s one. Ron Paul is a favorite with young Americans. So the GOP is not only busy alienating blacks, hispanics, pro-contraceptionists, union members, but its also alienating young white voters.

Here’s another irony. My Grandfather was as devout a Republican as you could have found in the 1960’s. When I was about twelve years old he gave me a memorable lecture about how Democrats always start wars suggesting that they couldn’t be trusted. The worms have turned.

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