Looking for allies

It occurred to me this evening that I might find some passionate supporters in the Nation’s Capitol. A Google search located this organization. I sent them the following email. 


I’m a candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s Eighth District. Thirty-five years ago I was a summer intern for one of the Congressmen on the House DC Committee. I’ve been thinking about the injustice of DC’s lack of representation in Congress ever since.

I’m an out of the woodwork candidate for Congress. I was a thirty-five year Republican and I attended Democratic caucuses this year but I’m running as an independent for congress in a three-way contest. In 1992 I did the same thing and won 7% of the vote. I suspect that even if I stopped campaigning now with the low public approval of Congress I’d win 10 or 15% of the vote this election. Since 1992 my stature has risen considerably and I think there is a good chance I could win a plurality in a three way race.

I wrote this page a few days ago then decided today to see if any organizations in DC was out their fighting for representation. That’s how I found your site. Perhaps you would be interested in offering support to a candidate that fervently believes that DC residents should be represented at least in the House of Representatives.

I don’t know how well connected you are in the beltway but Minnesota is a distant and foreign place; easy for the nation’s media to ignore. Perhaps, if you have contacts, you could help remedy that. If you have the ability to direct the nation’s media in anyway to my unorthodox campaign I would appreciate it.

Take a look around the rest of my website. I think you will see that I’m just enough different from the typical candidate for Congress that I might successfully be able to raise the torch for DC representation and give the issue the attention it deserves.

Your friend and ally,

Harry Welty
candidate for Congress
Minnesota’s Eighth District









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