The Duluth Trib carried a story about Michael Schiavo, the husband of Terri Schiavo, and the PAC he set up at the suggestion of his friends. After fighting to honor his wife’s wishes for the many years that she lay brain dead to allow her soul to go to heaven, Congressman Tom DeLay rallied his hard core Republican base and cronies like Cong. Oberstar to override the courts and keep Terri comatose for another eternity.

The PAC is not funded from special interests as such but from sympathetic visitors to his website who chip in a little money to help him pursue the crass politicos who used his and his wife’s plight for their own political aggrandizement.

I tried to link to the story but the DNT didn’t list it in its website and the New York Times rigorously prevents anyone but subscribers from reading their material. I found this brief story announcing the PAC from last December. Schiavo’s critics wasted little time in trashing him at this and other websites.


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