If Mengele was your “mentor”…

…wouldn’t you expect people to be a little skeptical? He worked with children too.

From the Interview. A final question for the New Super. Q. How do you feel about your new job?:

A. It’s the hardest work I have ever done and the most I have ever enjoyed. The path to getting to this position isn’t exactly what I had imagined or hoped it would be. … I know that I am here for a reason, and I’ll keep doing the best I can to be a strong leader for schools and the community. I know part of the reason (I wasn’t chosen last year) was because some people saw me as being too connected to Keith Dixon. He had some great leadership skills, and he was a mentor to me. We have similar philosophies but we are very different people. I think there has been enough distance between us now that people can see me for who I am.

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