The Zenith and the Nadir

Once again if you want to know why the Duluth School District is spiraling into a black hole you must read the alternative paper the Zenith instead of the Duluth Nadir Tribune.

Richard Thomas who has carefully documented past dim wittedness that the Nadir won’t cover until its too late interviewed Gary Glass for his last thoughts as a school board member. Don’t expect any major revelations. The District is spending money with a clueless School Board and faces a clamity when its reserve is depleted. Statutory Operating Debt is just a year or two away unless the District makes additional millions of cuts to its annual budget.

Not covered in the story is the real power behind the Board. Its not Bill Hanson. He just passes along spending decisions delivered to him by the Hanft Friede law firm. Its never been Superintendent Foster who is currently in hiding. Its not the PR woman who has no justification for a job now that Dr. Dixon is gone. Its not the interim Superintendent. Its probably not Chair Seliga-Punkyko who simply doesn’t understand what’s happening but is doing her best to get rid of Foster. Its certainly not me. I actually thought Mary Cameron might be in favor of protecting Foster. I have since picked up what appears to be her determintion to dump Foster. He does seem pretty hapless. I suspect his failure to get his Minnesota superintendent licensure squared away in October when the Personnel Dept warned him he was naked will be all the District needs to be rid of him without any financial repercussions. So much for Affirmative Action Success stories. He can always go back to playing a musical instrument even if he probably can’t go back to the Marine’s twenty mile hikes.

The Nadir has been the champion for the District and the Red Plan for six years. Look for their editors to deny this as the District plummets in free fall. The Nadir will be busy pointing fingers elsewhere.

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