Bookin it (no so) 4

I finally got that good night’s sleep. Cranking out ten pages should have been so easy. I put in my time. six hours this morning and two tonight just before nighty night. I just didn’t spend that time writing so, sorry, no unedited excerpts to share.

The first post you saw in this series that I simply titled “Booking” had a picture of my room as my back faces it while I type. (I haven’t shown you the folders and pictures on my front and side walls. This project is eating me alive) Well, the two by three foot timeline hanging in front of my bookcase just didn’t cut it.

Putting it together is what prompted my latest outburst of writing but it was so inadaquate to the ultimate task that I spent my time today creating a really practical timeline. At least I got a start on it. There are tons of dates and events to pencil in. The new one is just as wide but eleven feet long. Its like a piano roll (for you antiquarians) and I have it looped around a dowel so that I can pull up the dates I need to refer to. I’m a very “spatially” inclined writer. I like to have a strong visual sense of the things I’m trying to understand.

My greatest fear is that having set aside the work I was churning out like gangbusters two days ago might cool me off to the point of inertia. I’m not too worried about this but its happened before over the six years I’ve worked on this project.

If you are dying for intelligent political commentary I’ll one again point you to the Daily Dish. Andrew Sullivan does employ a few unnecessary naughty words but they are a small price to pay for one of the most intelligent filters on the Net. He’s got several hundred thousand regular readers and they are a smart bunch. No one who offers analysis, no matter how dead on it seems, can stand long before someone else chimes in who knows even more. Its no longer Sullivan’s take that draws me to his blog. Its the very smart readers who contribute.

At my best I can write a pretty good blog post but even my best is pretty run of the mill compared to the incisive stuff available on the Daily Dish. Hell. Eighty percent of my non-Red Plan posts are pilfered from or riffs on what I read there.

Oh yeah. I was going to let Claudia decorate that tree today while I wrote but I needed to buy color markers for my timetable so I picked some up while she bought enough ornaments to fill in the tree. It is pretty honking big Kind of like an elephant in the living room. That led to lunch and then I decided to spend a couple hours turning it from a plain Jane to a Christmas tart.

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