Another email

Hi HW:

The author of the anti-AJ letter is on your list of high-pay teachers:

10-Sep BARBARA RODBERG DULUTH PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT F $64,679 MA + 45 (45-59) credi2t3s Assignments

Why do you think the editor does not identify her as an ISD709 employee? Maybe another person by the same name – doubtful!


I don’t really mind the criticism directed at Art. He gave me a helluva hard time toward the end of my LDV (Let Duluth Vote) days. My chief criticism of the letter writer is that she makes no effort to explain in what way Art misled anyone. That’s because his facts were all pretty well researched. The District kept changing their pamphlets when he pointed out the misinformation in them.

I didn’t agree with Art’s contention that the District didn’t need the levy money it was asking for in the referendum. Of course, the more it diverts operational money into the Red Plan (and continues not to repay other money “borrowed” from operations) the more it will need to have it replaced elsewhere. That, perhaps, is what Art was driving at. If so, I agree with him.

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