An astounding number of teachers earning $100,000 or more in salary and benefits…

…in the Duluth Schools.

I just got a call from a friend, a former school administrator, who wanted to vent about the Duluth School District’s recent history. He happened to mention a website which lists all the Duluth Teacher’s salaries (for the year 2009) BTW this is all public data and has been for decades. Anyone wondering why we have 40 kids per class might not be surprised by the typical level of pay.

Anyone expecting an operational levy to pass next year ought to take a good look at the list. The staff has all gotten roughly 2% a year in addition for both of the past two years since this list was compiled. On a $61,000 salary that’s better than $2,500 in new money and a big leap for the purpose of calculating a teacher’s retirement income.

Hard to believe Frank Wanner has anything to complain about. His salary is for a part time position – 3/5ths maybe. The Union pays him a second salary.