Material Party

In light of my post whining about having been a pawn as a school board member comes this post from Sullivan. This quote perfectly captures the problem with what has become GOP dogma – that people are solely motivated by rewards and punishment. If you tie salaries to hoop jumping they will jump through your hoops. If you pass a law against something people will stop doing it. Yup, just teach abstinence and kids won’t have sex.

When a remote authority sets incentives, people respond by manipulating the system. This fact is poorly understood by education reformers who are fond of pay-for-performance and national standards, by health care reformers who are fond of paying for quality, and by financial regulators. … The Hayekian story here is that effective compensation practices require local knowledge and tacit knowledge.

Rich republicans just hire lobbyists to get special tax breaks written into law. Taxes are bad you know.

The Republican Party may be the most Christian Party in US history but it deeply believes in property rights and other material things. This is at variance with Jesus who commands people not only to surrender everything they own but to turn their backs on their family rather than turn from Jesus. Its the kind of message deprogrammers have been fighting for decades. This later my simply be standard Hebrew exaggeration to make a point found in the New Testament period “If thy eye offend thee, pluck it out.” Nonetheless, anyone who doesn’t heed the eye of a needle parable is either an uninformed Christian or a heretic.

Rich Republicans just hire lobbyists to get special tax breaks written into law so they can take their camels to heaven with them.

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