Occam’s Razor meets ISD 709’s enrollment data

I think I’ve made the story about the Duluth School District’s enrollment data far too complicated. Let’s simplify.

The District says it arbitrarily subtracted 300 students from last year’s enrollment to project this fall’s enrollment. This year’s projection was 8,429 so when you add back the arbitrarily 300 subtracted students it must mean that last year’s enrollment was 8,729.

The District says that this year’s enrollment is 8,711 which is 18 students fewer than last year’s enrollment. That’s the change. There is no increase of 282 students. There is only a further decrease of 18 students.

That’s better than the 300 students lost annually in recent years but its hardly a reason to reelect incumbent school board members.

Heck, they should all be fired for submitting such a poor example of math homework to the public. I sure hope its not the DNT that hands out their grades.

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