When “civility” is chilling

READER’S VIEW in today’s Trib:

On Dec. 16, I attended the Duluth School Board meeting. I don’t live in Duluth, but I felt it was important as I heard it would focus on the seizure of citizens’ private property for the purpose of a new educational experiment: How to teach children they can have whatever they want, whenever they want it, through force, because their perceived wants are of the utmost importance – as are, apparently, those of the Duluth school district over the desire of the people.

The performances put in by the board members were chilling. They rarely even looked at the approximately 30 people who spoke. It was clear to me minds were made up beforehand and that the meeting was a formality. Without exception, all who spoke were against seizing property.

Because this board seems to be hell-bent on having its way (I am waiting for members to collectively stamp their feet), it will not listen to reason. Our community and country are in rough financial waters. Indeed, Superintendent Keith Dixon spent 10 minutes whining about how the state was anticipated to deal us deep cuts. An audience member asked if he was listening to himself – obviously, because if we are being cut and have so much financial trouble, how can we be expected to pay $257 million for a red plan in all its ever-changing glory? This woman was dismissed by being told that since the board practiced the “civility code” (more socialist social engineering to muzzle opposition), her point could not be addressed.

Apparently, we must be “civil” as our rights are being stolen by seven or eight people drunk with power calling each other “member.” I can only be reminded of Soviet Russians calling each other “comrade.”

In another time, “no taxation without representation” was the cry – perhaps it needs reviving.

Karen Young


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